Clever YouTube Video Marketing Strategies to Consider in 2020

Are you looking to market your business on YouTube? Hoping for better results? Here are smart YouTube video marketing tips to use this year.

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular social media platform right behind Facebook? There are nearly 2 billion active users on the platform every single month.

Using Youtube to market your business is a great choice because with the number of users you will be sure to find your target audience on the platform.

YouTube video marketing is an awesome strategy for markets for a plethora of reasons. Besides being an awesome social media platform, it is also one of the best search engines that people use to find things they’re interested in.

Keep reading for our guide on the clever ways you can use YouTube to market your business in 2020.

Improve Your Thumbnails

One important thing that you need to consider for your youtube strategy is how will you entice people to click on your videos? An effective thumbnail is one of the best ways to get someone to click on your video and actually start watching it.

You might be wondering what makes a thumbnail effective? Well, make sure that the thumbnail for your YouTube video is a relevant image to your video. This is a good way to make people understand what your video will be about before they even click on it.

Another thing you can do is add text to your thumbnail. Adding text to the thumbnail can help draw attention to your video because adding text is bold and eye-catching.

Overall, you want your thumbnail to be something that will catch their interest and make them want to click on the video. It should be an image that makes them wonder what is going on in the video and want to see what happens next.

Focus on Your YouTube SEO 

YouTube is the second most popular search engine just behind Google so when you’re learning how to market on YouTube you should focus on search engine optimization as well.

When figuring out SEO for your videos you should start by optimizing your title. Pick out keywords from your video and make sure to include them within your YouTube video titles.

Clickbait for titles might have worked years ago but people don’t fall for it as much anymore. Avoid using clickbait in your titles and instead, make titles that are actually relevant to what your video is about so people aren’t misled.

Next, you should focus on writing an interesting video description. Try to summarize your video as best as possible but don’t explain too much so that people will still want to watch your video. Fit keywords into your description when possible because this will help your video rank within YouTube’s search engine.

Another important thing to include in your description is information about your business. Make sure to include your business’s website as well as any other social media accounts you may want to promote.

Lastly, be sure to include hashtags that are relevant to your video. These hashtags can also help to make your video be searched for easier within YouTube. Don’t go crazy when it comes to hashtags!

Don’t Forget a Call-To-Action

A Call-To-Action, or CTA, is something that you want your followers to do whether it’s buying your products, watching another video, or even following your other social media accounts. Adding them to your YouTube videos is a great way to improve your Youtube marketing plan.

There are certain ways that you can add a CTA to your YouTube video without being annoying or aggressive to your followers. CTAs can go anywhere throughout your video but most people choose to put them in the end. Asking quickly at the end of the video is a great way to finish off and it shows your followers what you want them to do next now that they’ve finished watching your video.

There are also cards that you can add within your videos for your viewers to click on. They are transparent but will expand when clicked. These cards will direct your viewers to your website, a product page, or even to another YouTube video on your page.

The easiest CTA is asking viewers to subscribe to your channel if they like your content. Getting more subscribers on YouTube means more eyes on future content. This means the more possibility that they will want to make purchases in the future and you can keep marketing on YouTube.

Collaborate With Other YouTubers

When you’re just starting out on YouTube you need to find ways to grow your channel and get more subscribers. A great way to do that is by collaborating with YouTubers who have a target audience that is similar to yours.

YouTubers collaborate with each other all of the time to help grow their channels. In fact, many musicians will do this to get a larger fanbase on YouTube. Fans will then download their favorite YouTuber’s songs and convert them to MP3. Check out to see how to convert a YouTube video to MP3.

A great way to find another YouTuber who has a similar target audience to you is to engage with your subscribers. Ask them what kinds of content they enjoy and who else they like to follow on YouTube.

Engaging with your subscribers is important because its a great way to build a relationship with them. Basically it is a win/win situation for you because you can learn more information and you can start your relationship with the people who follow you.

Once you’ve found a few YouTubers you might want to collaborate with, then you need to work on building a relationship with them as well. Some might be willing to collab right away but it’s best to start by following them and interacting before just jumping the gun too soon.

YouTube Video Marketing for Your Business 

It is clear that there are plenty of benefits when businesses use YouTube video marketing. As long as you’re able to make interesting content that your target audience will enjoy watching on YouTube, then you can surely go far when using YouTube in your marketing strategy.

Make sure that when you set up your YouTube channel, you do so with the intent to post content that will entertain your followers and not just post advertisements for your products or services.

If you’re looking for more marketing advice, then make sure to keep scrolling our blog for tons of tips and tricks you can use.

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