Ethical Hacking: A Tool For Finding The Criminal And Crime

Globally, Instagram is one of the fastest emerging social networking sites. It was launched in the year 2010, and since then, it is growing immensely. Instagram helps you connect with your friends, family, role model, celebrities, and others like any other social media. It also helps you to connect with the brand and expand your business etc. According to the survey, it is today’s most-loved social media platform as it allows you to show your creativity, expands your business and at the same time allows you to connect. In the world of Instagram, hacking is a word we often hear. We see high profile celebrities and many others often saying their account has been hacked. Well, not many of us know hacking can be both ethical and unethical.

What is unethical hacking?

In this modern world of technology, people are always interested in trying new methods to explore loopholes. Some of the explorings take place through social media. People love to hack accounts and report them to the authorities to earn a reward for reporting the loophole. This helps the company to strengthen its security protocols and helps them maintain customer trust. Some of the reasons why people like to hack an Instagram account are personal grudges, messing around with a friend, pranking, hacking to use it as a source to do the crime, could be for money extortion, to earn money for finding a loophole in a security system or other.

What is ethical hacking?

When the Instagram account is hacked for a valid reason like you forgot your password and there is no other way to get your password or you’re unable to access your profile etc. is considered ethical hacking. Few methods can help you hack Instagram accounts, like keyloggers, social engineering, brute forcing and rainbow attack, and others. However, trying to access someone else’s account would always be unethical and, of course, illegal.

Hacking is a source of breaking into a user’s account to check the activities leading to security issues in the country or a person’s life. It is useful in finding the truth by the government agents to make things right.

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