Find The Best Colored Light Bulbs For Your House

People consider giving a serious thought before buying good-quality and the right light bulbs. So, whenever you decide to replace or change the existing light bulbs of your house, you have to hunt for the right bulb with suitable lighting. Now, there are multiple factors to consider beyond the wattage while buying light bulbs. Most people also consider buying colored light bulbs. Bulbs are of different colors, and these colors determine the temperature of the bulb.

Select the right colored light bulbs

Most people also consider buying light bulbs of different colors according to their preference. It is for a fact that choosing the right colored light bulb is important while purchasing one. This is mainly because light bulbs with different colors are meant to have different functions as well. While buying these colored bulbs, you should also know where you need to install these bulbs according to the temperatures.

Different colored light bulbs have different wattages and base styles. Also, the color temperatures and the brightness levels of these light bulbs vary according to their colors. So, you should check the lumen rating of the colored bulb. If you wish to purchase a brighter bulb, then go for the bulb that has higher lumens. However, you also need to consider the colors of your room and the size of the room.

Different types of colored light bulbs

The different colors of these light bulbs determine different temperatures. It is not just the lumen intensity that you should consider but also the temperature it can offer. Some of the available colored bulbs you find in the market are soft white, bright white, warm white, and daylight. Soft white has a warm yellowish tinge; bright white has blue and white tones; warm white has a yellowish-white tone, and the daylight bulb has a bluish tone. So, buy accordingly.

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