How to Make the Most of Web Design

There are few things more critical to your marketing and corporate identity than your internet presence. First impressions matter, especially on the Internet. Web design is a serious and competitive industry. If you want to drive traffic and motivate business in your direction. You need to make web design a priority. Web design in Sydney is no different than Web design in Minsk, or Buenos Aires. Everyone has powerful tools at their disposal, and it is easy to be left behind.

Discoverability: Nothing happens if people don’t land on your site. I am amazed when I search a company using their exact name, and the returned results don’t feature the company webpage. Search engine optimisation is a serious business. The algorithms of search engines are complex and continually changing. Getting top of page results is the fruit of expert management, rather than a matter of right. Search engine optimization is a critical advantage you need to utilize.

Functionality: Unless you are being specifically artistic, navigation should be instinctual and easy to understand. Recently I found myself on several government sites and was shocked at the number of steps required to land on the most basic information. Governments don’t care, inefficiency is second nature to them. But you can’t afford such luxury because you work for your money. Simplifying your site navigation and being consistent with design clues and menu functions will go a long way to ensuring return visits and brand loyalty.

Customer experience: No one enjoys aggressive upselling. No one enjoys filling out a survey or watching an ad before they can click a link. No one likes misleading language or being tricked to join a newsletter. Yet these things are common features on websites today. These strategies may work in some industries, but they do nothing to improve customer experience. Most people prefer to browse and compare without commitment. They like clear information and reliable credentials. They like on site searches that work and functioning customer support. As a designer you are free to follow whatever business model you prefer and there are advantages to some of the more aggressive tactics. But customers never forget a bad experience.

Making the most of your web design involves a lot of different specializations. Graphics, search engine optimization, good branding, and well considered marketing strategies. Locating the best people for specific tasks still requires careful management. Hiring a website design company is your best choice to protect your corporate identity and build a powerful internet presence.


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