Is EcoPayz’s Mastercard good? – The Question Remains

The world is going digital. Everything we do has the involvement of our gadgets. Long gone are those days when carrying money in your wallet was mandatory. Now you can only have your phone with an e-wallet app. An E-wallet helps you to transfer and receive money. Therefore it needs to be linked with your bank account. Presently, many such apps are there in the market, although a few works based on the geographic location. Like ecoPayz is currently taking over the Norwegian market. But the question that remains is Er ecopayz sitt Mastercard bra?

What are the benefits of ecoPayz?

The ecoPayz e-wallet came into existence when the globally accepted e-wallets stopped functioning in the Norwegian market. There is no doubt that ecoPayz will have its success. After all, it is currently the market leader. Until its competitor arrives, it will have its glory because ecoPayz e-wallet comes with several benefits:

  • Users receive a cashback of up to 0.65 per cent on all deposits to bookmakers.
  • The verification process gets completed within one to four hours.
  • Users receive the status of instant Gold VIP.
  • Users receive a free ecoPayz Mastercard.
  • Users can achieve the highest VIP level following a turnover of EUR 10,000. The same can be for the regular users but EUR 250,000.
  • The deposit limit for every month is over NOK 10,000,000.
  • Transfers between ecoPayz accounts are free.
  • Users receive personal support from the e-wallet optimizer.

Additionally, even though the ecoPayz Mastercard is free, it is no less of a regular Mastercard. Its performance is outstanding and user-friendly. It is something the users can depend on with blind eyes.

The ecoPayz e-wallet is not yet widespread. For now, it is taking over the Norwegian market. But looking at its benefits, one can determine that its global fame is not that far.

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