What is Targeted Advertising and What are its Types?

It is a kind of online advertising where complex techniques are integrated to target the most responsive audience with particular traits. They can be demographic, psychographic, behavioral etc. Demographical includes race, sex, age etc. Psychographic entails the values, attitudes, and lifestyle of a consumer. And behavioral entails browser and purchase history and other relevant activities that give rise to search history targeting, which our company specializes in. this article enlists the types of targeted advertising being implemented in the world of digital marketing.

  1. Search engine marketing

It is a type of internet marketing that entails promotion of the websites by increasing their visibility on the search engine result pages with the help of paid ads. SEM entails SEO and PPC, where the former adjusts the website content and website architecture to gain a higher ranking in SERPs to enhance PPC listings.

  1. Social media targeting

It entails usage of social media platforms and websites for promoting a product or service. Albeit, e-marketing and digital marketing are still widespread in studies, SMM is famous among every department. SMM platforms entail built in data analytics tools that let companies tracking the progress, success and engagement of ad campaigns. When it comes to strategy, SMM entails management of campaigns, scope setting, governance, and establishing the company’s desired social media culture.

  1. Television

Ads can be targeted to particular customers who watch digital cable. Targeting can be accomplished on the basis of age, gender, location, or personalized interests. Companies can cross reference the cable box addresses with many reputable sources for information like marriage, education, credit history etc.

  1. Mobile devices

Since the beginning of this millennium, advertising has been showcased online and recently in the mobile devices as well. Targeted ads on the mobiles let more info about the customer to be transmitted, beyond their interests like their locations and time as well. This lets the marketers deliver ads that cater to their schedule and their existing environment.

  1. Content targeting

This is the most straightforward method of targeting. This is where the marketers put the ads where they should be on the basis of the relative content being presented. This can also be referred to as content oriented advertising. This method can be integrated across various mediums like on an article online, an ad about buying homes can be embedded, if you are reading an article on insurance. This is achieved by ad matching system that analyzes the content, keywords and showcases a relevant advert.

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